ACDC’s (Adam Chu Dance Crew) response to M&M (Miley {Cyrus} and Mandy) AND WE KILLED THEM OFFF!!!!!

Shot out to Jon Chu for letting me make music for the video and my little cameo 🙂  I get to spit at the camera who doesn’t love that!!






~ by kothelegend on May 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!”

  1. you should upload the remix that starts around 4:00 to your myspace =]

  2. so that was you who spit the water on the camera . haha
    and i agree…you should upload the music to your myspace!!
    it was hot! It was also one of my favorite parts!!

  3. i agree with the above response
    please up load the remix somewhere :]

  4. i loved the best of both worlds remix. is it available for download anywhere??

  5. i meant to leave that comment on this post (put it on the usher one by accident)
    but pleasse upload it, i love it so much!

  6. I loved your ACDC Mega Mix, will you please upload it onto

  7. Best of both worlds remix was tight man.
    A Download link would be awesome.

  8. mixing was great! may i get the link 4 download the k.o.-“acdc mega mix” 🙂

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