I Know That This is Gonna Sound Redundant and Illiterate, but…

I have to give ANOTHER shot out to Chester French, for giving me a shot out on their blog, because I said they were my new favorite group!! SUPPORT THESE GUYS cuz they’re gonna go far!!..Here’s their song “She Loves Everybody” I love this record, but I wanted to post “Jimmy Choos” thats song is my SHIZNIT!!..BUT I COULDN’T GET IT!!
“She Loves Everybody”
Chester French


~ by kothelegend on January 31, 2008.

One Response to “I Know That This is Gonna Sound Redundant and Illiterate, but…”

  1. I do dig these guys.

    They’re smart, talented, and even intellectual if you’re inner ears are open. I just don’t think this is the best song to release first.

    Something a bit, even a wee bit more hip-hopish (ol skoolish) blended with their alternative rock sound would work (IE. tracks from Deee-Lite’s Dewdrops and Infinity Within). Even as they’ve embracced the 60’s-70’s pshychedelic mood in She Loves Everybody, they could even choose something that fuses that into the hip-hop sound I’m seeing.

    I have faith in these guys cuz they’re solid, true, and creative. They’ll bring something that will change things at least a bit. Lord knows the industry needs some change. I’ll support em as long as they’re alive.

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