NEW MUSIC: Beyonce feat. Foxy- “Whats Good With You”

It sounds more like Beyonce’s song, but either way the chickies should dig it..I think its OK..THOUGHTS?!?! (SHOTS OUT TO JASON FOR CORRECTING ME)
“Whats Good With You”
Beyonce feat. Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown

~ by kothelegend on January 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “NEW MUSIC: Beyonce feat. Foxy- “Whats Good With You””

  1. Yeah, I agree with you; it does sound more like Beyonce’s song. THIS chickie ain’t diggin’ it so much.

  2. this is beyonces song, not foxys!! foxy does have 2 NEW singles out titled “lights go out” and you can watch her vid for “star cry” here :

    check out

    for more INFO, MUSIC & NEWS!!!

  3. sounds like a movie song for beyonce!!! thiS IS MOstlY SouNdS mOSt LIKElY Not To APPEAR On One Of Her AlbUMs!!!

  4. yeah, i agree… this does sound like something for a film or something. I would be very suprised to see this on any album that is hers. N actually I wouldnt be suprised if this is just some old track form something else back in the day. It has a very young beyonce sound to it. She on her grown woman thing now n i doubt this would be her new release.

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